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Private art jobs. Walls, offices or playrooms!


Violetta Strabic

M: 0435036471

E: info@Voart.com.au

ABN: 64931631365

Upcoming new classes:

I’m trialling out Bluethumb. Another online shop


Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa - Paint the Landscape Weekend Workshop series

Book here: www.lakecrackenback.com.au/whats-on/paint-the-landscape-weekend-workshops

Facebook event: Paint the Landscape Weekend Workshops

Contact the Crackenback team: 1800 020 524

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Black Toast Cafe Annandale Sydney

Now showing until end of July 2017
Within Us Exhibition, Howlin Wolf Whisky Bar, Wollongong 

Aug 2017 TBA
Harbour House, Old Court House Gallery, Wollongong

15th - 17th Dec 2017